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Item: EX 01
1.700 mm 

Year 2007
Number of layers    1
Material    LDPE, HDPE, BIO
Film Width (mm)    1700
Screw diam    75mm
Description    30D type extruder - complete with bimetallic cylinder, Gravimetric Dosing unit Plastcontrol GDC N 4100 AS + 2 ,for management and control of n. 3 hoppers, reading and automatic control of the extrusion profile with PRO-JET system with data displayed on a 10.4 "TFT screen and programming keypad. kw 118 (160 hp) and inverter.
Head description    Fixed Die head SFK 18/30 with IBC and inserts for HDPE and LDPE.
Die Gap 1,4 mm. 
Cooling ring type KRA 35
Die diam (mm)    250
Take off unit    Rotating haul off RTO 2 mm. 1700
Web guide    Yes
Rewinder automatic rewinder
Calibration basket Tower

Tecom 1 Layer - 2
Tecom 1 Layer - 3
Tecom 1 Layer - 1
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